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R&I Cruden offer annual servicing for all varieties of heating systems including oil boilers, biomass boilers, domestic gas, commercial gas, heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV.

Annual Servicing

Servicing & Maintenance

Annual Service

R&I Cruden offer annual servicing for all varieties of heating systems including oil boilers, biomass boilers, domestic gas, commercial gas, heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV.

Once a client has committed to work with us, we deliver service and maintenance to the highest standard. Our aim is to develop our customer relationships to keep contracts long lasting.

Our experience installing and maintaining boiler systems has allowed us to develop the most suitable and efficient procedures to keep systems running smoothly. Maintenance is carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions, however our close links with manufacture experts allows us to know what to look for and which parts need extra care. This information isn’t found in the product guidelines, giving our customers an invaluable experience when using R&I Cruden Ltd.
Contact R&I Cruden today to book your boiler service. Once your service is booked, we will send you an automatic reminder the day before due to ensure your boiler is ready for servicing.

Please note there are a selection of systems by specific manufacturers that we do not service. To check if your system is eligible, please contact our offices for further information.

Glen Wyvis Distilllery Boiler

The Importance of Servicing Your Biomass Boiler

There is one main reason you should service your biomass boiler on a regular basis – it will save you money in both the short-term and the long-term!

Reasons why servicing your biomass boiler on a regular basis is imperative:

⦁ It is a requirement of RHI to service your biomass annually.

⦁ An annual service offers peace of mind and keeps both you and your property safe.

⦁ Biomass boiler warranties are only valid if the boiler has been serviced annually by an appropriate accredited engineer.

⦁ Your insurance may refuse to pay-out in the event of a claim if you haven’t had your boiler serviced each year.

⦁ Annual servicing increases operational efficiency – saving you money on your fuel bills.

⦁ In most cases, boilers that are serviced annually last longer.

As biomass boilers use solid fuel, they produce waste products including ash. Due to the combustion process of a biomass boiler, ash coats the steel surfaces it comes into contact with. When ash forms a coating on the heat-transfer section of a biomass boiler – heat dissipation and thermal efficiency are reduced. This results in more fuel being burned to attain the same amount of energy from the boiler. A strong indicator of a biomass boiler with reduced efficiency is an increased flue gas temperature.

Biomass boilers also contain lots of mechanical components that require regular lubrication, such as combustion air fan actuators and fuel extraction systems. Regular lubrication of these components ensure boilers run smoothly and efficiently.

Although most biomass boiler manufacturers provide basic information about servicing in their operator manuals, it is advisable to have your boiler serviced by a trained and accredited engineer. Not only will this validate your warranties and keep you in line with the terms and conditions of insurance policies, it will ensure your boiler is cleaned properly and running at its optimum efficiency. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that your boiler is safe.

Maintaining your boiler with a regular service is more cost-effective than calling out an engineer to repair a boiler that isn’t working because you failed to get it serviced properly. It is also a major inconvenience being without heating and hot-water – especially in winter!

So, a simple annual service means you will satisfy legal requirements and insurance companies, validate your warranty, give yourself peace of mind that your loved ones and your property are safe – and lower your energy bills!

Contact R&I Cruden today to book your service now.

Commercial Servicing and Maintenance

For commercial customers, we have a unique customer portal where our customers can login to our online system to view/ request the following;


  • View Servicing Records
  • Automatic Service Renewal Program
  • View Service Dates


  • Request jobs
  • Request quotes
  • Pay Invoices

We download boiler data and keep on file and if necessary, send back to manufactures for detailed analysis to improve system performance and ultimately customer experience. We have close links with the best fuel suppliers to solve problematic fuel issues and delivery issues. Our out of hours on call service provides support at all times.   We also if possible, with the boiler software, link our boilers to the internet for remote access; the system can then be monitored remotely from our head office in Muir of Ord. This way problems can be fixed before there are any loss of performance issues and problems can be acknowledged well in advance.

Contact R&I Cruden today to book your boiler service now.

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