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R&I Cruden offer the complete package from design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Brahan Boiler

Commercial Biomass

R&I Cruden offer the complete package from design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. From beginning to completion, we manage the whole project so you have nothing to worry about. We deal with all necessary paperwork to ensure the accreditation of your system is taken care of also.

R&I Cruden have close links with local financial companies who cater for the exact needs of renewable projects. The Energy Saving Trust in Scotland also offer low interest loans to help businesses become greener.

Contact us today to arrange a free no obligation site survey to start your project.


  • Renewable fuel source
  • Clean burning fuel
  • Locally sourced fuel
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced running costs
  • RHI compliant

Key Considerations:

  • Large initial investment
  • Government Funding Schemes Available
  • Suitable space required to house boiler
  • Fuel storage space required
  • EPC Certificate required for RHI application
  • Planning permission may be required

Domestic Biomass

When considering switching to biomass for a domestic property, the first step is to get a green deal Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out on your home. The report will provide the energy rating of the building with the RHI payback based on this figure. Reports are carried out by a green deal approved independent assessor at a variable cost. R&I Cruden are able to advise of local contacts who may conduct an EPC report on your home.

The second step is to identify a suitable space to house the boiler and associated equipment. Biomass boilers are considerably larger than traditional gas or oil boilers, therefore requiring additional space.

New micro pellet boilers are now available and are suitable where space is an issue. These are more similar to your traditional boiler sizes and are ideal for new build projects.

To find out more information and discuss your options, contact R&I Cruden today.


  • Renewable fuel source
  • Clean burning fuel
  • Locally sourced fuel
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced running costs
  • RHI compliant

Key Considerations:

  • Large initial investment
  • Government Funding Schemes Available
  • Suitable space required to house boiler
  • Fuel storage space required
  • EPC Report required for RHI application
  • Planning permission may be required

District Heating

District heating is when a central boiler is used to provide heat to multiple buildings or zones i.e. within a housing estate or block of flats. District heating can be used for new builds or may be retrofitted to existing properties.

Heat is supplied to buildings through a heat main of underground pipework, with each property/zone able to control its own heating with a small heat interface unit. 
This is an excellent way to provide heat for house builders with restrictions on energy ratings. District heating can be utilised on a couple of properties, on a larger scale with housing estates or as whole community projects.

To find out further information on district heating systems, contact R&I Cruden today.


  • ⦁ Reduced running costs across multiple units
  • ⦁ Potential service & maintenance savings
  • ⦁ Ease of monitoring heat usage per building
  • ⦁ Biomass district heating - RHI Compliant

Key Considerations:

  • ⦁ Large initial investment
  • Government Funding Schemes Available
  • ⦁ EPC Report required for RHI application

Fuel Type

Pellets are the most common biomass fuel as they are readily available for bulk delivery for automatic feed systems, just like oil/gas delivery, or can come in 10kg bags for manual fill boilers.
Pellets are approximately 30 – 40% cheaper than oil or LPG heating.
Bulk deliveries of pellets come in a minimum quantity of 3 tonnes and are blown from a delivery lorry to a store.
Pellets can be stored in a variety of ways; indoor/outdoor silos, underground tanks or a custom-built store.
At R&I Cruden we design, supply and install all types of storage options to source the ideal solution for your project.

Woodchip is the cheapest fuel source for automatic feed systems and is ideal if you have access to your own wood supply and can chip your own wood. Alternatively, there are local suppliers who produce and deliver woodchip. R&I Cruden have close links to local woodchip producers and can put you in touch with the right supplier for your boiler.
Woodchip is a denser fuel than pellets and initial installations costs are slightly higher due to the stronger feeding equipment required. Lower fuel costs do however benefit in the long term.

Logs are the perfect biomass fuel for those who want environmentally compatible heating, have their own supply of wood or have access to an affordable source. 
Log boilers must be manually filled one or two times a day and, due to the nature of the burning process, require a large thermal storage tank. 
R&I Cruden supply the best dual fuel log boiler on the market, the Solar Focus Therminator, which can burn logs or pellets so you are not restricted to one source of fuel. 
It’s reassuring to know you are flexible when it comes to heating options. Logs are the cheapest fuel at present and pellets are the easiest-to-handle wood-based fuel. 
Of all wood-based fuels, pellets come closest to giving you the comfort of an oil or gas fired heating system. You decide how you want to heat your system – easily and conveniently with pellets or manually and at low cost with logs. 

Grain is an ideal fuel source for farmers or those close to farms. The Guntamatic Powerchip and Powercorn boilers are market leaders providing the flexibility to change fuel types at the touch of a button. The Powercorn gives the option to burn wood pellets or grains, and the Powerchip can burn all biomass fuels.
Grain moisture must be less than 13% and 0.5% lime needs to be mixed into the fuel to make is less corrosive.
Grain is not available to burn on the RHI scheme.

Oil seed rape straw is now available to burn with a selection of boilers which are RHI compliant.

For more information on the most suitable fuel type for your system, contact us today.

Biomass Cabins

R&I Cruden offer prefabricated Biomass cabins that are made to order when existing space isn’t available. Biomass cabins can be custom built to specific size and finish or can be bought as a standard shipping container. We have sizes ranging from 20ft domestic or small commercial projects up to 40ft for larger or multiple properties. The containers are built from steel structure and can be finished in wooden cladding or sheet metal in a variety of colours to help blend in best with its surroundings.

These are ideal for all types of projects from new builds to system upgrades, as they are delivered ready to go. The only requirement before installation is the construction of a suitable base and supplies installed. From there the underground pipe is connected and the system set up.

For further information, contact R&I Cruden today.

Combined Heat and Power systems

Use a heating boiler to create electricity as well as heat with our combined heat and power (CHP) systems, suitable for businesses with a year-round high power and heat demand. Biomass or Gas can be used as fuel source to provide CHP. Containerised units are available.

This system is ideal for hotels, care homes, hospitals, swimming pools, district heating and office blocks.

When using wood chip as a fuel source it must be less than 10% moisture. These are normally installed with a drying floor to produce the correct fuel.

Can also run cooling and steam systems to offer the complete heat and cooling system.

For further information, contact R&I Cruden today.

Interactive Boilers

Control your boiler and central heating from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

R&I Cruden can now offer the latest technology with our boilers, giving you complete control over you heating system.

We are experienced in NEST thermostat installations, one of the leading smart home controls in the current market. The Nest Learning Thermostat has the ability to study the temperatures you like when you’re at home and then programs itself to your routine. The NEST Thermostats can also be controlled manually from a smart device, ensuring you have control of your heating system anytime, anywhere.

Fully Serviced packages available
We offer complete service and care packages and can view boilers remotely. This gives us the ability to fix problems before anyone realises there is a problem in the first place!

Email alerts when faults occur

Up to 16 different email accounts can be used so we know if there is a fault before you do.

To find out which controls are compatible with your heating system, contact us today for further information.

Waste Wood Boilers

Waste wood boilers are Waste Incineration Directive (WID) compliant boilers, used for burning waste wood from grade A-C. These are ideal for companies who have continuous waste wood products and currently have to pay for disposal, such as house builders, recycling centres & furniture manufacturers. With waste wood boilers, you can saving on disposal costs and energy costs at the same time!

Waste wood boilers can run steam or hot water systems for heat only. These systems can run Combined Heat & Power plantsthat generate heat and electricity on systems with large fuel supplies and energy demands.

Vortex Technology

An advanced thermal destruction technology has been developed by StrongEnergy, embedded into their new Vortex waste systems. This utilises an ultra-high temperature oxidisation process to allow the customer to burn a much larger range of materials, which other technologies are not capable of. This means the customer is not restricted to only burning wood. The Vortex system operates at a high heat that allows a clean flame to safely destroy harmful toxins with very low emissions.
R&I Cruden can provide design, project management, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance for all types of waste systems. We offer a complete package and help with licence approval through to grants and payback tariffs.Contact the team today to discuss your project.

Contact the team today to discuss your project.

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