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Installation of Ground Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Battery Storage System

Heat Pump, Solar PV and Battery Storage System

Monarda House, Kiltarlity

Installation of Ground Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Battery Storage System

Reason for Opting for GSHP and Battery Storage

The client was considering an upgrade of their existing heating system and was interested to explore renewable heating options. With sufficient space to accommodate ground loops, the client opted for a ground source heat pump following the advice of R&I Cruden. The client later expressed interest to install a solar PV system to generate their own electricity and reduce future electricity bills.

The Solution

R&I Cruden supplied and installed a Vaillant 8kW FlexoTHERM ground source heat pump system to facilitate hot water and heating requirements. The ground source heat pump was suitably sized following heat loss calculations carried out on the property, ensuring the system was more than capable of meeting their heating demands. At a later date, R&I Cruden supplied and installed a ground mounted solar PV system using Trina 300W PV panels. The PV system was installed with a Sonnen Hybrid battery storage system, allowing the client to generate their own electricity and store surplus generation for future consumption.

The Result

The combination of renewable energy installations provides the client with a cost effective and green solution to generate long term savings on their energy bills. The addition of a battery storage system to the solar PV installation allows the client to generate and store their own electricity for consumption. This ensures the client receives the maximum benefit in terms of energy from their system. The systems installed require low levels of maintenance, saving long term maintenance costs in comparison to other heating options.

Key Facts

Fuel Consumption

Client to supply data?

Estimated C02 Saving

Average Project Cost

RHI Approved (Payback over 20 years)

Project Payback Period

Total Payback (including fuel saving based on price of buying in wood chip

Financial information based on average project this size. Estimated figures not guaranteed. RHI figures at time of install.

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